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Updated 3/21/17
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Now Hiring Deputy Sheriff
The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications for the position of Deputy Sheriff. This is a Full Time hourly position that consists of 8-hour shift work. Applications will be accepted from August 12th, 2019 through September 9th, 2019 at 3:00pm. Anyone interested in applying can pick up an application at any time at the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office located at 113 N. Market Street Van Wert, or print an application off the Sheriff’s Office website at www.vanwertcountysheriff.com .

Applicants must:

• Be a US Citizen
• Be at least 21 years of age
• Be a resident of Van Wert County or an adjacent county within 1 year of date of employment.
• Possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License
• Have a High School diploma or GED and provide a copy of the diploma or certificate with the application
• Have a valid and current OPOTA Peace Officer Certification and provide a copy when submitting their application
• Be of good moral character
• Never have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving Moral Turpitude or is not currently under indictment for any criminal offense.
• Have no current or previous charges of driving under the influence of alcohol in the last 5 years
• Never have been convicted of any family violence offense
• Obtain certifications required to perform duties of position to maintain employment
• Be able to pass pre-employment background investigation
• Be able to pass drug screen
• Demonstrate honesty and integrity, by successfully completing pre-employment CVSA or polygraph and drug testing;
• Demonstrate good general medical health as determined by a medical doctor, who is licensed by the Ohio State Board of Medical Examiners, and physical performance testing;
• Be declared in satisfactory psychological and emotional health by the Van Wert County psychiatrist who is licensed by the Ohio State Board of Medical Examiners or psychologist, who is licensed by the Ohio State Board of Examiners of Psychologists;
• If served in the armed forces, demonstrate stability, reliability, and integrity by having an Honorable Discharge
• Be fingerprinted and subjected a search of local, state, and national records and finger print files.


Under the general supervision of a higher ranking officer, is responsible for maintaining law and order, protecting life, limb and property, and enforcing the Statutes of the State of Ohio, along with other related duties as required.


• Operates a cruiser and conducts patrol activities involving response to emergency calls and resident complaints, conducting accident investigations, security inspections of public and private facilities and assisting the general public as necessary.
• Conducts and assists in conducting initial and continuing criminal investigations, crime scene activities, interview or interrogation of victims, witnesses, suspects or others, takes statements and affidavits, makes arrests as circumstances justify, restrains and transports prisoner.
• Serves warrants, summons and other Court issued papers.
• Maintains records and prepares reports of incidents, complaints, and contacts during daily shift performance in an accurate manner.
• Appears in court to provide testimony.
• Transports prisoners to and from facilities to court, other institutions or medical appointments.
• May be required to operate communications equipment as communications officer.
• May be required to serve in the Van Wert County Correctional Facility.
• Shall immediately comply with all orders and assignments from supervisory personnel.
• Shall accurately record all activities as required on all department reports.
• Shall be responsible for accurate and thorough reports.
• Shall cooperate in a good and helpful spirit with all other agencies pursuant to the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Department Policies & Procedures.
• Shall comply with the procedures and policies on the care and maintenance of all department equipment.
• Knowledge of State and local laws that pertain to enforcement.
• Knowledge of proper law enforcement techniques.
• Knowledge of weapon use and safety
• Capable of handling stressful situations.
• Capable of enduring vigorous physical activity
• Capable of operating a motor vehicle at high speed with due consideration of others safety.
• Capable to work effectively with all department personnel, other agencies and the general public.
• Weapons skill meeting department standards.
• Required to work any and all shifts including weekends and holidays.
• Preserve the peace and enforce the laws of the state of Ohio.
• Protects the life and property of citizens as a sworn Peace Officer of Van Wert County.
• Patrols assigned area
• Responds to criminal and civil calls as dispatched
• Apprehends violators of the law
• Performs vacant house and business checks
• Controls traffic
• Transports prisoners
• Provides county court and county building security as assigned
• Maintains assigned vehicle and other equipment
• Prepares accurate and complete reports relative to each situation
• Investigates criminal activity including performing full investigation of misdemeanors, felonies, and traffic offenses
• Evaluates reported felony and misdemeanor offenses in assigned area
• Takes statements from suspects, victims, and witnesses
• Contacts complainants and witnesses in follow-up investigations
• Interrogates suspects and makes arrests
• Provides surveillance of locations or persons as assigned
• Prepares criminal case files and develops probable cause of issuance of arrest or search warrants
• Appears in court as a witness when required
• Represents the Sheriff’s Office in the community including organizing and conducting community meetings and crime prevention program
• Works closely with residents and community management to resolve problems in assigned area
• Speaks to community groups, schools, and other organizations on law enforcement issues
• Educates the public in law enforcement practices and application of the law
• Ensures the proper delivery of legal notices including executing warrants for arrest, search warrants, and probate court orders
• Serves individuals with summons, attachments, and other legal notices as issued by the court
• Receives and coordinates requests for process service
• Maintains complete and accurate records of time, place, and manner of serving legal notices and
status of court orders
• Prepares reports required by courts in response to legal documents
• Submits reports to supervisor on daily activities and performs other related duties as assigned.

Critical Skills/Expertise:

• Valid driver’s license
• Read Ohio Laws and apply laws
• Apply principles to solve practical problems
• Add, subtract, multiply, and divide
• Maintain accurate records
• Handle sensitive inquires
• Demonstrate physical fitness
• Prepare and deliver speeches

Job Standards:

• Completion of a secondary education or equivalent plus certification from the Ohio Peace
Officers Training Council.
• Must be able to properly administer first aid / CPR.
• Must have a valid Ohio driver’s license and a clean criminal record.
• Must be able to successfully complete and maintain physical
fitness based on OPOTA age and gender standards.
• Work consists of complex, varied, non-standardized
tasks requiring application of numerous laws, rules, regulations, and procedures.
• Incumbent is required to quickly react to potentially threatening situations on a regular basis.

Personal Relationships:

• Incumbent has contact with supervisors, co-workers, public and private sector employees, other law enforcement personnel, and the general public.
• The purpose of these contacts is to gather information and to ensure safety in the community.

Physical Effort and Work Environment:

• Physical Requirements: Incumbent performs heavy work, which may require lifting up to two hundred (200) pounds.
• Incumbent must be able to physically restrain violent suspects.

Physical Activity:

• Incumbent performs the following physical activities: climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, grasping, feeling, talking, hearing, sitting, running for moderate distances, physical contact/confrontations and repetitive motion.

Visual Activity:

• Incumbent performs work where the seeing job ranges from close to the eyes to operating a vehicle.
• Incumbent must be able to discern, acquire and hit a moving target at moderate distance.

Job Location:

• Incumbent works both inside and outside and is exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees and above 100 degrees for periods of more than one hour.
• Incumbent is exposed to physical hazards and atmospheric conditions that can affect the respiratory system.
• Incumbent is required to wear a respirator occasionally.
• Work setting involves being in close proximity of threatening situations, disease and violent criminals.
• Incumbent may be exposed to inclement weather and extremely rough terrain, acts of physical endurance including long distance walks, running through extremely rough terrain and subduing suspects, may be separated from vehicle by great distances for long periods of time and in general.

Safety Equipment:

• Incumbent uses the following equipment: firearms, handcuffs, body armor vest, flash light, baton, stop sticks, chemical spray, two -way radio, first aid kits, automated external defibrillator, eye / face protection, emergency flares, traffic safety vests, air / blood borne pathogen kit, blood borne pathogen kit, CPR mask, car seat for infants, 35mm camera, and rubber gloves.

Starting base wage is from $35,484.80 to $48,360.00 depending on full time law enforcement experience, and then follows the collective bargaining agreement. The Incumbent will be a member of the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System, (OPERS).

The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office offers Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance with a monthly employee cost of $100-$120, 2-weeks Paid Vacation Time after 1 year of employment, Overtime at time and one-half in either Pay or Comp Time, 4.6 hours of accrued Sick Time per pay period, Longevity Pay, Deferred Compensation Saving Plan, Attendance Incentive up to 3 days of Paid Leave per year, and Uniform Allowance.

Persons applying need to also include a letter of interest, a resume’ and copies of required documentation when submitting their application. Applications with required documentation can be dropped off at the Sheriff’s Office at any time during the acceptance period above, emailed to the Sheriff’s Office by using the link at the bottom of the Sheriff’s office home page, or mailed to the Sheriff’s Office using the above address.

The successful candidate must complete a nine (9) month probationary period commencing from the date of hire.

The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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